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Vision & Values


Ascend Learning Trust creates a sense of belonging for everyone.

All our young people receive a holistic world-class education regardless of where they come from or their life challenges.

They will leave their Ascend community with outcomes that opens doors to a fulfilling and successful future.



To always show kindness, inclusivity and empathy to each other and to encourage others to behave this way. To care for those around you and to consider the needs of all.


To ‘dream big’ and to set your goals with no limits. You work hard towards your goals and follow your dreams and always believe that anything is possible.


To treat everyone as you would always wish to be treated in both words and actions. This means listening to others, appreciating differences, showing kindness and always being considerate.


Always try your very best to commit to and achieve all of your goals and never give up even when things are tough. Face challenges courageously and keep focused on your goals.


Holding true to what you believe in and act in a way that shows this.  Always be honest and if you are in the wrong accept feedback and apologise.

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